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Watch WWE Smackdown 2/14/17 Full Show Online twenty fourth January 2017 Full Present Free 720p HD Reside stream, Dailymotion Dwell 10 Components Stream during reside broadcast, WWE SmackDown three Components Full HD after show is over.

However unfortunately, they did not give the match the time that it needed to be the epic encounter it ought to have been. It felt like the match was just starting to tell a story at the point that it ended, leaving the storytelling for after the match. That is a shame. The after-the-bell stuff is nice. However it could have had much more of an influence if the match itself had been better.

 WWE Smackdown 2/14/17 Full Show

Alexa Bliss was backstage complaining to Daniel Bryan about how her foot was on the rope against Becky Lynch last week on WWE Smackdown 2/14/17 Full Show and the referee missed it. Bryan said she’ll get her rematch, but he did not say when. Natalya confirmed up with a whistle saying this is such a teachable second. She told Alexa to get again up if you end up knocked down…it was a quote from the Tubthumping track from Chumbawumba within the late Nineteen Nineties. Natalya has a gimmick of reciting track lyrics and appearing as if she has no idea what people are speaking about. Bliss walked away frustrated.

Some of these guys work over 200 shows every year. That is a match more than every forty eight hours. And for everybody who says that it’s fake” and these matches don’t take an awesome bodily toll out on their bodies, nicely they’re kidding themselves. Yes it is scripted (however so is The Walking Useless, and Game Of Thrones), and the impression that the Smakcdown Live 14 February 2017 strikes have are sometimes exaggerated, however they do nonetheless put their our bodies via some actual bodily abuse during each match.

WWE Smackdown 2/14/17 Full Show


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